Stowe Theatre Guild needs your talent!

Each show requires many volunteers, and if you have the time and interest we welcome your participation. The payoff: meeting and working with some of the most energetic, creative folks around… not to mention the parties! Give us whatever time you can afford — a couple of hours, a few weeks or months, and you’ll be repaid many times over with the pride and ownership you’ll feel when you’re seated in the audience.

Other volunteer positions include set painters, costume sewers, set builders, set load-in, set striking, ticket sellers, ushers and more. Send us an email or contact a show producer directly. Find out more about each show from each show’s backstage page below.


See each show’s backstage page for more information on audition schedules, casts of characters, photos, etc. Choose the show from our home page, then scroll to the end of the first page to see if there's more.


We have assembled a set of pdf documents and links to resources for cast, crew and producers.