by Lionel Bart
based on Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist"

June 18th - 21st at 8 pm
June 25th - 28th at 8 pm
Matinee June 22nd at 2 pm

Director - Jane Harissis
Musical Director - Wayne Hobbs
Producer - Andrea Freeman
Stage Manager - Matt Anderson
Choreographer - Jane Robbins
Set Designer - Erik Freeman
Costume Designer - Kate Thaw
Lighting Designer - Jeff Kilgore
Properties - Evelyn Frey
Rehearsal Pianist - Colin Milne

Oliver is born in a workhouse where he works under the supervision of Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble, the beadle . His greed for wanting ‘more’ leads him to be sold to Sowerberry, the undertaker. Sowerberry’s family does not take to him and he runs away to London where he falls in with Fagin and his band of pickpockets. Oliver is wrongly accused of picking a gentleman’s pocket, actually committed by the Artful Dodger, and is taken into custody. The object of the theft, Mr. Brownlow, takes Oliver into his home after Oliver is cleared. He is recaptured by Nancy and her villainous boyfriend Bill Sykes and returned to Fagin's band. Meanwhile, Oliver’s true parentage is revealed through an unsuccessful blackmail attempt by Corney and Bumble. Nancy later tries to return Oliver to the wealthy .Mr. Brownlow but is murdered by her boyfriend. Bill Sykes pays for his life of crime and Oliver is returned to the Brownlow home.


"Food, Glorious Food" - Oliver, Orphans, Old Sally & Old Lady Agnes
"Oliver" - Mr. Bumble, Widow Corney, Old Sally, Old Lady Agnes & Orphans Chorus
"I Shall Scream" - Widow Corney & Mr. Bumble
"Boy For Sale" - Mr. Bumble, Oliver
"That's Your Funeral" - Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry, Oliver & Mr. Bumble
"Where Is Love?" - Oliver
"Consider Yourself" - Artful Dodger, Oliver, Fagin’s Gang, Charles Bates, Bowstreet Runners (3), Featured Dancers (Sara, Brenda, Sophie, Theresa, Kristen), Vendors (Pauline, Pam, Jo-Anne, Gennie, Alan), Aristocrats (Chris Francis, Donna Sue, Cecily) & Street Person (Sam Kunz)
"Pick A Pocket Or Two" - Fagin, Oliver, Dodger, Charlie Bates & Fagin's Gang
"It's A Fine Life" - Nancy, Bet, Oliver, Dodger, Charlie Bates, Fagin’s Gang
"I'd Do Anything" - Nancy, Bet, Oliver, Dodger, Charlie Bates, Fagin’s Gang, Fagin
"Be Back Soon" - Fagin, Artful Dodger, Oliver, Charlie Bates & Fagin's Gang
"Oom-Pah-Pah" - Charman, Fagin, Nancy, Bet, Sailors (Bow Street Runners), Featured Dancers (Sara, Brenda, Theresa), Patrons (Jennifer Pitz, Joe Garofalo, Dustin, Alan, Matt Lindemer), Band Members
"My Name" - Bill Sykes
"As Long As He Needs Me" - Nancy
"Where Is Love?" Reprise - Mrs. Bedwin
"Who Will Buy?" - Oliver, Mrs. Bedwin, Mr. Brownlow, Dr. Grimwig (no dancing), Soloists (Sophie, Pauline, Theresa, Geoff, Forrest)
"It's A Fine Life" Reprise- Nancy, Bill Sykes, Fagin & Artful Dodger
"Reviewing the Situation" - Fagin
"Oliver" Reprise - Widow Corney & Mr. Bumble
Finale: "Food, Glorious Food" Reprise, "Consider Yourself" Reprise & "I'd Do Anything" Reprise - Company

Workhouse Orphan Roles

Children who are cast as workhouse orphans will appear in Act I, Scene 1 and 2 only. They will enter the theatre from the lower level, through the main theatre doors, perform their two songs ("Food, Glorious Food" and "Oliver") and then exit down the main aisle out of the theatre. At that point, parents may take their children home. Assuming that there will be some children who do not leave at that point (and want to stay for the final curtain call), we will have a system set in place to manage them. The children will not be allowed backstage, but rather will be ushered to another part of the Town Hall to be entertained until the show is over. There will be live video monitors, so that children can watch the show in progress. There will also be activities on hand to keep these children entertained for the remainder of the show. Parents of children cast in these roles will be required to put in two evenings of supervision for the group. The goal is to have at least two adults on hand at all times to keep the children entertained and relatively quiet for the show duration.

A contract will be distributed at auditions which is an agreement between the production team, the child, and the parent that the child agrees that misbehavior and missing rehearsals can result in the child being asked to leave the show. This contract will also have the parents contract agreement that they will supervise the ‘orphans’ for two shows.

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Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Oliver Twist - Connor Kendall
  • Workhouse Children (Orphans)
  • Lucie Alden
    Ann Bauer
    Lainey Curtis
    Holly Diegel
    Morgan Rose Diegel
    Olivia DiRienzo
    Kaitlin Dougherty
    Sarah Espey
    Julianne Jacobs
    Luke Fortune
    Natalie Fortune
  • Joshua Hain
    Anna Harissis
    Melissa LaPorte
    David Lazarovich
    Maya Lazarovich
    Megan Leonard
    Colleen McHugh
    Haley Reicher
    Ryan Springer-Miller
    Lia VanDyke
    Sarah Wesson
  • Forrest VanDyke
  • Bumble The Beadle - Joe Garofalo
    Widow Corney - Jenny Pitz
    Old Sally - Sara McDonald
  • Old Lady Agnes - Jo-Anne Precourt
    Noah Claypole -Dustin Spence
    Mr. Sowerberry - Martin Hain
    Mrs. Sowerberry - Cecily Robbins
    Charlotte - Gennie Frey
    The Artful Dodger (Jack Dawkins) - Ross Francis
    Charles Bates - Matt Lindemer
  • Fagin’s Gang
  • Austin Anderson
    Keenan Cawley
    Courtney DiRienzo
    Tessa Eisenberg
    Nicholas Espey
    Alicia Jacobs
  • Kara Krakower
    Kari Grunberg
    Lizzie Guerra
    Benjamin Hain
    Sarah Harissis
    Mitchell Precourt
  • Bow Street Runners
  • Ethan Hain
    Geoff Penar
    Featured Female Dancers &
    "Who Will Buy" Soloists
    Brenda Lazarovich
    Sophie Bick
    Pauline Cusick
    Theresa Fortune
    Geoff Penar
    Forrest VanDyke
    Fagin - Brett Michael Thompson
    Nancy - Kelly Kendall
    Bet - Eva Silverman
    Charman - Kristen Robbins
    Bill Sykes - Sam Kunz
    Mrs. Bedwin - Donna-Sue Hain
    Mr. Brownlow - Chris Francis
    Dr. Grimwig - Alan Curtis

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