Morning's at Seven

by Paul Osborn

September 27th - 30th at 8 pm
October 4th - 7th at 8 pm
October 11th - 14th at 8 pm

Director ~ Tom Carder
Producer ~ Andrea Wolga Freeman
Set Design ~ Milford Cushman
Costume Design ~ Megan Carder
Lighting Design ~ Jeff Kilgore
Stage Manager ~ Dorcas Jones
Props ~ Evelyn Frey

Tony Award winning Morning's at Seven is the sweetly funny, gentle saga of the four "crazy" Gibbs sisters, their impossible mates and quirky offspring, and the hilarious truths and family secrets that hold them together. Set in a small Midwestern town in 1939, Morning's at Seven concerns the humorously extended family of these maturing sisters. Ida, Cora and Arry have lived next door to each other for fifty years. Esther, the eldest at age 70, lives a few blocks away. The quiet life they share with their husbands becomes unhinged and their manners and loyalties tested when Ida's 40 year-old son at last brings his longtime girlfriend home to meet the folks. As the fabric of their shared lives frays and is patched up again, the family's secrets are revealed, surprising everyone with what's slight and what's significant.

Mornings at Seven dishes up a double dose of nostalgic pleasures. There is the pleasure of seeing an unashamedly well-made play with a cast of endearing characters. There is also the pleasure of visiting a bygone era bringing the realization that though the life style depicted may be gone, the fears and despair that accompany aging and the binding ties of family connections are timeless.

Osborn's gentle story of four sisters, arguably the original "Desperate Housewives," whose lives are inextricably intertwined living in a small Midwestern town where everything and everyone is cast in a in a warm summery glow that belies that the era we nostalgically think of as tranquil was sandwiched between two monumental and seismically life-changing events, the Great Depression and World War II.

"It came back in total triumph.... Absolutely entrancing.... See this lovely play." N.Y. Post.

"An absolute charmer.... Four sisters, Chekhov would have smiled. So will you, and laugh out loud at times too." N.Y. Daily News.

"Wonderful.... Still has charm to burn." N.Y. Times.

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  • Cora Swanson ~ Ann Hillman
    Aaronetta Gibbs ~ Janet Dufresne
    Ida Bolton ~ Morgan Irons
    Esther Crampton ~ Carol Benson
    Myrtle Brown ~ Louise J. Mueller
    Theodore Swanson ~ Bob Carmody
    Carl Bolton ~ Don Rowe
    Homer Bolton ~ J Morris
    David Crampton ~ Jim Reid

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