Funny Money

By Ray Cooney

September 21st - 24th
September 28th - October 1st
October 5th - 8th
all performances at 8 pm

Directed by George Pierce
Produced by Carol Loysen
Costumes by Donna Collins
Properties by Evelyn Frey

Henry and Jean Perkins are a pretty ordinary middle-aged couple. No kids, one cat. It’s Friday, and it’s Henry’s birthday. On the way home he accidentally switches briefcases. Now he has a briefcase full of cash ... lots of cash. He stops at the local bar to consider his good fortune, and takes several trips to the men’s room to count his newfound wealth.

He arrives home to his concerned wife, Jean, who is preparing dinner for Henry and their friends Vic & Betty who are coming over to celebrate. Henry has decided that they are running away to live in luxury and avoid the retaliation of the man who ended up with his valueless briefcase. But Jean doesn’t want to go. She is very upset by all this! Enter Detective Sergeant Davenport, who observed Henry in the bar and wishes to question him under suspicion of soliciting in the men’s room.

Enter Detective Sergeant Slater, who needs Jean to come down to the morgue to identify the body of her husband, found drowned in the river, clutching his briefcase. Enter the cab driver, who is trying to figure out who is going where. “Mr. Big” is trying to find out who’s got his money, and get it back. Vic and Betty become unwitting accomplices. Bribes are exchanged, nudist Australian sheep farming is discussed, cars are sold, fights break out, tea is served, alcohol is consumed, wives are swapped and much, much more.

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  • Robbie Harold as Jean Perkins
    Robert Brody as Henry Perkins
    Randy Pratt as Bill
    Bryan Wockley as Detective Sergeant Davenport
    Raquel Aronhime as Betty Johnson.
    David Lagala as Vic Johnson.
    Ramona Godfrey as Detective Sergeant Slater
    J Morris as a Passer-by

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